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Cooperative, affordable, and environmentally sustainable housing for students!

The Students' Cooperative Association (SCA) is a nonprofit housing cooperative in Eugene, Oregon owned and operated by members! The SCA has three houses located on Alder street across from the University of Oregon campus. We welcome students from all walks of life attending an institution of higher learning in Lane County, trade or vocational programs, or any other local accredited college.

Why Choose SCA?

Our amazing members prepare local, organic, and sustainable meals daily, share house responsibilities, help each other, and make decisions collectively using consensus. We value clear and direct communication, respect, and cooperation. The co-ops provide a fun, engaging, safe, and inclusive living environment.

Fees (Rent)

Fall, Winter, and Spring

(utilities and food plan included):

Single: $433 per month
Wing (small rooms): $375 per month
Double: $322 per person (more if single occupancy) per month


(utilities included): TBD by the board of directors

NASCO Membership Fee:

$40 one-time fee (non-refundable)


(refundable with exceptions):

The deposit is $300. This may either be paid in full upon move in, or can be split
into two payments, $150 upon move in and $150 after one month.

To be eligible to move in you must pay your first month's fees and a deposit.

Fees are due on the 1st of each month
Fall = Oct 1, Nov 1, Dec 1
Winter = Jan 1, Feb 1, Mar 1
Spring = Apr 1, May 1, June 1
Summer = July 1, Aug 1, Sept 1

Janet Smith

The JS is a beautiful house and the oldest structure in the SCA. Most rooms are singles, but all the housemates like to get together in their common rooms. Janet Smithers like to host movie nights in their attic theater and also hang out in their garden in between grading papers and getting to class.

Campbell Club

The Campbell Club is the oldest co-op in the SCA! It’s roots come from activism and preserving artistic spaces. The house allows meat and always serves a vegetarian option at meals. The Campbell Club and the Lorax are right next door to each other and co-opers from both houses love to spend time on the CC’s Fro-Po (front porch). 

Lorax Manner

Do you speak for the trees? The members of the Lorax Manner do! The Lorax was founded with sustainability in mind. It is a vegan house with vegetarian cooking allowed. No meat is prepared in house, though you carnivores can cook your meat next door at the Campbell Club.