Janet Smith

A place for grad-students and grad-student look-alikes.

The Janet Smith Co-Op house includes up to 17 mainly graduate students and non-traditional undergrads. We are focused on providing a safer space for students of color, international students, gender non-conforming, and LGTBQIA+ students to thrive. Our diverse co-opers are passionate about social justice and come from a variety of graduate programs.

We prefer students who will stay for an entire academic year but also provide shorter month-to-month leases. We currently have 15 students, two small dogs and a cat. All students must be able to verify class enrollment.

We are a vegan / vegetarian friendly house and make an effort to provide healthy, organic food to our members. Our house has a social justice library, endless craft supplies, piano, beautiful outdoor space, and a sauna. All Janet Smithers have their own single rooms with access to furniture if desired. Janet Smithers contribute around six hours of work a week cooking, cleaning, or gardening to keep our co-op running smoothly. House decisions are made through consensus at our weekly house meetings. We compost, recycle, and always try to buy eco-friendly house products. Housemates prepare six weekly vegan house dinners in our newly renovated kitchen and we eat family-style around our giant dining room table. After dinner, we love to watch movies on our projector, hang out on our porch, or have quiet study parties.

Come over for dinner and learn more about us!

Rumbly Tumbly Lawnmower, the JS's mascot!