The Campbell Club


If you are a Lane County student (or about to be) and interested in joining a community focused on:

-Environmental & social justice
-DIY ethic
-Rights for marginalized peoples

please read on!

We are a non-profit, member-owned-and-operated student housing cooperative located across the street from the U of O campus, and 2 blocks away from a bus line to LCC. We are looking for students who are interested in non-traditional communal living to join us as housemates & co-owners of our house. We offer a fun, creative, challenging social environment where housemates work together and learn from one another.

Membership fees include all utilities, internet, and a food plan. Our goal is to provide students with a space to explore their passions and facilitate learning and growth, not just academically, but socially as well. Our house is 3 stories (not including the basement), and we have 3 sizes of room to choose from. Housemates share a library, a large industrial kitchen, a tool room/workshop, art room, laundry room and free closet, a game room (with a pool table!), 2 pianos (and an organ), garden, fireplaces, and more. If you've got a hobby you'd like to explore, you can almost definitely make it work here! Our members have a wide variety of interests and skills, so there is always something interesting going on!

As a cooperative, members govern and run our own house & organization based on a consensus and voting system. We have no landlord, and every member has a say. Essentially, contracted members are equal co-owners of the nonprofit that owns our properties. We truly do "OWN IT"! We decide who we accept into our community, do most of our maintenance ourselves, and cooperate to solve problems. The house has mandatory weekly meetings on Sunday evenings, where we come together to discuss issues and make decisions. As co-opers, each of us also have an obligation to participate in the upkeep of the house. Every member must be willing and able to complete chores, as well as take on larger responsibilities. House jobs and chores are distributed among everyone based on their availability, interests, willingness, and ability. Every term, we elect members to jobs ranging from Garden Coordinator & Bike Coordinator to Treasurer & House Representative. There are a wide range of positions to suit almost anyone, but applicants should be able to dedicate a decent amount of time to their co-op duties.

We are a diverse community that values acceptance, cooperation, anti-oppression, open communication, and respect. As a group that can have up to 30 members at full capacity, the ability to resolve conflict, learn from others, and work & live with folks you may occasionally clash with is important. We welcome members from all walks of life. Discrimination based on culture, gender, orientation, race, religion, nationality, socioeconomic status, disability, political affiliation, or anything else is not tolerated in our co-op. We aim to constantly improve our understanding of the relationships we have with one another, and to build a community where everyone feels comfortable, respected, and free to express themselves in a supportive environment.

We are an active, social household, and many members are actively involved in the community. We try to have fun with our friends when we aren't studying. We regularly host shows, parties, workshops, lectures, movie nights, free school classes, open mics, and other events. Members are welcome to propose and host their own events. We are alcohol and 420 friendly (if you're of age, of course), but many of our members do not partake. Members are welcome to have friends over whenever they wish, and past members and house friends stop by often. We will occasionally have travelers and couch-surfers stop by for a night or two. You are welcome to paint or alter your room to your liking. The Campbell Clubs walls are covered in all sorts of art, some pieces decades old, and artwork is constantly changing. Everyone has something to add that makes our house unique and interesting.


Community is the best part of our house! Living cooperatively allows us to share our many resources with each other and the public. Campbell Clubbers' membership includes access to a projector wall, game room (with a pool table!), a tool room/workshop, a free closet, laundry room, bike workshop, a band practice room, an industrial kitchen, a library, garden, pianos, house dinners, and more. Members are welcome to plan and host events, and regularly do! Shows, workshops, freeschool classes, free markets, fashion shows, open mics, movie nights, dance parties.... We've done it all! We cook, clean, craft, create, build, organize, make improvements to our house, study, and party hard as a team! We draw on our walls, dance on our tables, and play with our cats. We value open communication, respect, solidarity, and freedom of expression. Our members include artists, scientists, musicians, activists, techies and community-minded individuals dedicated to working together and learning from each other.

If you're interested in learning more out our community, we'd love to hear from you!

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