About Us


If you are solely here because the Co-ops are an inexpensive place to live, you just moved into the wrong place. With no one responsible for how we live but ourselves, we must accept, with our freedoms, the responsibilities that follow. Because there is no cafeteria staff or parent preparing food for us we must plan, order, and cook our own food. Because there is no landlord, we must take on the responsibility of maintaining our houses. Long long ago, a Co-oper in a distant land put it well when she reported:

The person that expects to escape from the rules and responsibilities by moving into a Co-op is disillusioned. For in the Co-op each individual finds they are expected to not only look after himself, but to consider the rights of fellow members... We have responsibilities to other members and privileges which are in themselves responsibilities.

Co-ops require responsibility, cooperation (hence the name), hard work, tolerance, and caring. Equal and conscientious participation of each member is the foundation of the Co-ops. Similar to an eco-system, we are all interdependent upon one another. If one person is lazy and slacks, then it affects the moods, well-being, and work that everyone else has to do. It's important to respect, care, and think about your house mates and how they are helping you by doing the dishes, scrubbing the toilets: and reciprocate this by doing your part. Everyone is, in effect, exchanging some of their time and energy for some of the same from everyone else. And most importantly COMMUNICATE when you're confused or unhappy or feel walked over by lazy or uncooperative housemates.

Living in the SCA

We have openings immediately and we encourage anyone interested in living with us to stop by for dinner and meet us to see if cooperative living is for you! The Co-ops stand out from any other student housing available because members don't sign a lease or have a landlord. Members sign a contract that makes all members part owner of the houses. Since the houses are owned by the members, everyone has an opportunity for input as to how the Co-ops are run. Our houses are co-ed and normally have graduate as well as undergraduate students. The Co-ops attract people from all over the United States. We strive to foster diversity while creating a strong sense of community.


The SCA has a bureaucratic elements as well. We have a formal membership handbook to acquaint new members with our system and culture, as well as an official policy book to outline the nitty-gritty rules and regulations of living at the SCA.

Visiting the SCA

Stop by for a free meal to meet us and receive a tour to see if co-op living is for you! Please contact us to schedule a tour or house dinner.

1648 Alder St.
Eugene, OR 97401