Prospective Members

The Students' Cooperative Association is nonprofit organization that provides low-cost housing to students on a cooperative basis. We operate three houses with a max of 72 members. Each SCA house offers a unique community environment.  We are an open membership organization and welcome all sorts of students in Eugene, Oregon!  If you're interested in living with us, we invite you to explore our website and take a little time to learn about our organization and house communities to ensure that we are a good fit for you!

The SCA is much more than an inexpensive place to live, though we are very affordable!  Living in a cooperative house is a unique and empowering opportunity that can enhance your educational experience.  Cooperative living requires responsibility, commitment, tolerance, and most importantly, open and honest communication.  So what does "cooperative" mean for our members?  We’re glad you asked!

Cooperative Living

So you’ve made it to your new house, what can you expect?  Co-ops are unlike any other living situation you might find.  Living with 20 or so people can seem like a daunting task, but it can be extremely fun, rewarding, educational, and may allow you to get to know many people you might not otherwise have interacted with!  However, it is important to be mindful and informed of your responsibilities are while living here as a member.

When you move into an SCA co-op, it becomes your home.  You and the other 17-30 members living in your house will work together to create an environment that you, collectively, want to live in.  This is accomplished through establishing house leadership, attending house meetings and contributing labor hours.

Every member contributes 5-8 hours of labor to the community each week.  Labor duties may consist of cooking, cleaning, yard work, and serving as a house leader just to name a few.  By working together, we save money and conserve resources.   There is no need for you to buy your own pots and pans, shop every week, buy living room furniture, cook every day, etc.  These are just some of the advantages of cooperative living!

Each SCA house community is autonomous and operates with its own set of rules and house policies.  The communities adhere to the 7 cooperative principles including principle #2 : Democratic member control.  One member = one vote.  House meetings are where you decide how you want to live.   Unlike a dorm or apartment, you are intimately involved with the decision making at your house!

House meetings on Sunday: Each house holds its own meeting on Sunday, usually after dinner.  These meetings are to check in with housemates on upcoming house events, house repairs, and member concerns.  This is a great place to voice your opinion and to listen to your housemates in an encouraging space.


One of the best things about living in a co-op is the ownership that comes with your membership. There are no landlords, no bosses, YOU have the power to shape the entire organization. We keep our costs so low because we are a 501(c)7 nonprofit- we're out to ensure affordable housing for students in Eugene!  Your contributions through chores, elected positions, and self governance ensure we stay afloat and remain the most affordable community in the city.

Your monthly payment includes your membership dues, food and all utilities (water, gas, electric and internet).